Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chiquilla's Trip to Town

Our chihuahua loves to go "bye-bye." Just mention it, and she's all excited. We decided to take her to the feed store and the garden shop with us yesterday. She loves it! Mandy carried her in a shoulder bag. She looked just like Paris Hilton with her pampered pooch, only way cuter!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Noah's Eye----Bee Sting?

We went out Thursday evening to find Noah's eye swollen and draining. Unfortunately it is his injured eye, and he has not been thrilled about treating it!
This is Noah's eye today, Saturday May 30, 2009. He looks so much better than he did 2 days ago. We have been treating it with a Saline mix of 1/2 t. salt to 2 cups lukewarm water, wiping down the area around the eye. Then squirting Clear Eyes (for humans) directly in the eye.
Our poor Noah boy has had a couple of rough days, but he's a trooper!

The eye is getting better and looking more normal each day.

This was how it looked on the first day. His eyelid was huge, puffy and red. It was nearly swollen completely shut.

The white scar on his eye is from an injury about 3 years ago. Thanks to his wonderful vet, Dr. Keith, he has had a full recovery from that. According to our expert advice source, she believes it must have been a bee or horse fly sting.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mandy and Noah

It was beauty shop day for Noah. I gave him his worm medicine and got the tangles out of his mane and Mandy trimmed his whiskers, forelock and brushed him down while waiting for the Ferrier to trim his hooves. He loves to come over in the yard. Mandy's hair is about the same color as his, and she insisted on cutting his "bangs" so he'd look handsome!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Horse

Noah is loving his outer pasture. It's coming in nice and green. We put him out for a few hours to munch each day. He lets us know, by pacing the fence when it's time to go out. He looks good this year. Last year he was on the thin side and had a bit of colic, but he's doing great and we love him. I think the trip down here was hard on him, but he had adjusted and he's looking really good. He gets his feet trimmed tomorrow.

The Dogs

We took our Chihuahua in to the vet. He says she's got knee trouble. It seems her knee cap shifts and causes her lots of pain. We've moved her from her winter condo in the garage to the kennel with the lab. She's got her own run and so does Champ, our black lab.

The Rabbits and Mandy's Dance Posts

The rabbits have been moved from their winter condo in the silo to their summer home under the pine tree. They seem to be enjoying life outside. It seems they've both put on a few pounds this winter. Magic is the black and white and Thumper is the gray one.

This was an earlier post on my other blog. Since I have dedicated that one to my feathered friends, I decided to move it here. It was originally posted on May 8, 2009:

May 8, 2009 Post: Mandy tried out for Dance Team today and made it!
Her lucky number was 38! She’s so excited. She’ll be dancing in our 4th of July parade this summer. She will get to dance at all the games next year. It will be a fun 7th grade year for her.

Maylee said……Yay! Congrats and how fun will that be?! I was on the Dance Squad in 6 & 7th grades at my middle school. I had a blast! Congrats again Mandy!

Mandy has been practicing all week and attending dance clinics in preparation for try outs. Even her faithful horse, Noah watches on while she does her moves on the trampoling. She has been practicing her “Russian” kicks.