Saturday, June 20, 2009

We got up and headed outside to do some work around the farm today. Bear chopped down the weeds so that we can spray if this rain ever shuts off, cleaned out the silo where the rabbits have their winter condo, and cleaned up the remains of a dog bed of Chiquilla's that Champer pulled through the fence into her kennel and ripped to smithereens!
These two found a quiet place on the haystack to take a nap away from the big black monster!
"Watch how high I can jump for a treat!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Visit from Pam and Kapree

To see Kapree's new skirt, check out my site!

Pam and Kapree stopped by on their way to Jackson Hole today. It was fun to see Pam again, and meet Kapree! What fun she had on the Posyluzny Farm seeing our animals! They will be back through on Wednesday. She picked out some cute pink polka dot fabric, and I'm going to get a flirty skirt made for her return trip.

The girls are pretending to swim. It's been too cold to fill the pool up yet.

Kapree checks out the tree house.
Grandma, I need a boost!

Great view from up here!

Noah comes over to say hello!Kapree feeds Thumper a carrot.

She thought it was fun to pet a real bunny.

Reaching in to pet Thumper you can see how cute her hair is!

You dropped your carrot Thumper!

She found the dress up box downstairs.

Having fun on the trampoline.

Let's just sit and talk a bit.

She's airborne!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2 Sunset

We've had thunder showers this afternoon, but this evening the sunset was spectacular! I went out to snap a few photos and caught Noah watching it too!

The south east side of the valley looked like this...
You can just barely see the tree house in Grandmother Willow!
This was what the northwest sky looked like right before the sun went to bed.