Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friends + Family + 4th of July + Fireworks =equals= FUN!

It's our traditional week of celebration--dinner at the square, fireworks, parade, good food and great friends! We ventured off the farm and enjoyed a great day with friends on the 4th of July, celebrating this great country and the freedoms we enjoy! God Bless the USA!
Manda made dance team this year and they performed in the parade. She was awesome!

Here they are in formation.

It was a perfect day, not too hot and even a bit of a breeze.

Waving to the fans!

The Parade
Isaac was very intent on learning how to eat sunflower seeds.
His interest peaked when he saw Bear spitting out the shells!

McKenzie and Isaac
Good Friends

Good Games!

Good food!

Too much good food!
That's Jesse instructing Mandy on the fine art of scooping watermelon without leaving a fork mark in the fruit!
Just call me Corn Boy! We lost count, but corn was about the only thing we ran out of.
Next year 2 dozen ears! See the recipe I used this year on my
I tried corn on the cob in the crock pot and it worked, just ask Isaac!
The water fight

This is how innocent it started. Just soft little water balloons, but before long it turned into an all out war, with the enemy stealing artillery and hoses. Everyone got soaked, but had a great time.

Fun/pain on the trampoline!

Is it time for "Fireyworks" yet?

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