Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Kitten Rescue #2

This little fella was heard yelping for help in the horse's watering trough today.
Bear scooped him out with a shovel (allergic to cats) and Mandy dried him off and gave him some tender loving care!
Here she's doing the Mufasa (Lion King) thing!

It was pretty tired, and very hungry.

The mama is our black and white cat, but when she saw it staggering, she clawed at it and would have nothing to do with the wee one, so we knew we had to call on chihuahua mama!

This is so cute to watch. Here's the dog that never had a puppy of her own, but she loves these little baby kittens! This wee one is in the kennel tonight with Chiquie

Update to our last year kitten rescue: This is Beebs looking on at the familiar scene. She's the kitten Mandy rescued last year, and still has quite a relationship with the chihuahua. She's had one batch of kittens this year and is looking like another batch will arrive soon. When she's not expecting, she can fit through the fence and she still gets into the kennel with Chiquie.

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